Do You and Your Business Need Tier I, II & III Technicians?

Are you struggling with the time and cost of immediate remote remediation and/or true preventive maintenance?

Expetec's wholesale Remote Support Solution is the remote services you need at a price you can afford!

At Expetec Technology Services, we have been running an IT Services business since 1996. When we first got into the Managed Services side of the business, we quickly adopted the latest remote monitoring and maintenance tools available. These tools instantly gave us the visibility and access we needed to raise the bar on the services we provided. However we ran into a small problem which became a large problem as we added more and more clients. This problem was keeping up with all the remote tickets and preventive maintenance while our technicians were still trying to handle the onsite workload.

We tried a 24/7 helpdesk solution as well as a NOC provider. While these solutions have their merit, they were not a plug-n-play option for our client base. These services had tightly defined scopes that did not allow for the flexibility we needed as a growing firm. As well, our clients wanted to deal with technicians they knew. Also, our technicians did not feel confident in services delivered and thus held on to most of the tickets themselves. So we still had overworked technicians and clients waiting for services. We ended up paying a lot of overtime and customers were still dissatisfied. Even when we hired more technician’s onsite project work or vacations and sick leave would demand they go onsite and again punch holes in our remote services delivery.

It was then that Expetec came up with the idea of a dedicated remote technician that could NOT be thrown into the field whenever crisis arose. Our team began searching all over for such a technician only to find our options limited to either North Americans demanding top dollar, offshore freelancers that we could not background check nor maintain their network security or companies that were providing these technicians but still had too high of a cost and not enough flexibility.

Today Expetec offers these services at wholesale prices.

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