EXPETEC TECHNOLOGY SERVICES, (pronounced x.pa.tec) which is short for “experts in technology” Technology Services, Inc. was founded by a group of technology experts in 1996 on the plains of South Dakota. Founded with the integrity of these hard working mid-westerners, the company began as specialists in IT break/fix for business and residential clients.

In 2003 the company gingerly moved the company’s focus from selling hardware and repairing computers to becoming managed service provider whose primary focus was working with small to medium business. Although computer sales, IT installation and repair remain a part of the company’s solution stack, the primary focus is managing IT for this target market.

Expetec is a privately held company which has spent millions of dollars perfecting its business plan which it now shares with independent IT companies through their franchise and partnership agreements. The company’s business plan, member support, marketing and sales programs as well as product availability is exceptional in the industry.

So how is Expetec different from an IT specialists working directly with venders and or groups selling services such as marketing and sales program which seem to be readily available in this industry?

The answer is that Expetec corporate staff is not only skilled in technology, they are also skilled, experienced business people. Expetec staff assist partners in building not just an IT company, but also assist in building a Profitable IT company. Assistance with accounting, understanding a P&L (profit and loss statement), managing accounts payable and accounts receivable, managing a sales funnel and having availability to system-wide marketing programs are just some of the added dimensions @ Expetec.

We invite you to contact us either by filling out the contact us form or at 605-225-4122 to explore Expetec.