Chief Executive Officer/Stockholder: Bryan German

Bryan German serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Expetec. Mr. German has been an integral part of Expetec Corporation since 2000. Since that time Mr. German has served in various capacities with Expetec Corporation including planning and development of the company. Mr. German began his career as a franchise sales representative and his continued efforts have ensured growth in the products and services Expetec offers. Prior to joining Expetec, Mr. German was employed by Delta Airlines in Atlanta, Georgia as an analyst in operations management.

Chief Financial Officer/Stockholder: Joan Ganje-Fischer

Joan Ganje-Fischer is the Chief Financial Officer for Expetec. Ganje-Fischer is one of the owners of Expetec Corporation and brings an unusual and unique perspective to the company as she is also a company franchisee. As former President of the Board, she has been responsible for successfully directing operational efforts at Expetec since 2005.  She currently has direct responsibility for developing and assisting company franchisees and partners with business development through sales, marketing, and  general business acumen. Ganje-Fischer has an extensive background owning and operating a variety of businesses.  She has worked in radio, television and newspaper and served as Vice President of Marketing for Wyndham Hotels for 14 years.  She served on the board of directors of the American Hotel-Motel Association and taught marketing at the Hotel School at Cornell University.  Ganje-Fischer has received numerous business awards and was the only female to be awarded the coveted “Economy Lodging Person of the Year Award”.

Senior Corporate Consultant/Stockholder/Board Member: Tom Aman

In February, 2006, Tom Aman became Chairman of the Board, and a Director of Expetec Corporation. Since 1996, Mr. Aman has been involved in real estate development as the President of Blackstone Developers, L.L.C., in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Mr. Aman is also a principal of Jet Co., a licensed South Dakota financial company in Aberdeen, South Dakota, specializing in providing venture capital for emerging businesses. Tom Aman has approximately 50 years of business experience as a self-employed entrepreneur. Mr. Aman founded Aman Collection Service in Aberdeen, South Dakota, in 1957. That business merged with Wells Fargo Corporation, in Aberdeen, South Dakota, in 1996. Mr. Aman serves on the board of directors of various charitable and philanthropic organizations.

General Counsel/Board Member: William A. Bowen

For more than 22 years, Bill Bowen has worked with franchisers and franchisees. From February, 1988, through July, 1993, Mr. Bowen served as Associate General Counsel for Super 8 Motels, Inc., in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Since August, 1993, Mr. Bowen has represented franchise's, including Expetec Corporation, and many franchisees. Individually, Mr. Bowen is a franchisee as a developer and owner of hotels in three franchise systems.

Chief Technological Officer: Charles "Eddy" Hill

Charles “Eddy” Hill is the Chief Technical Officer for Expetec Corporation.  Hill has been associated with Expetec at the Aberdeen, South Dakota location since 2010.

Hill is responsible for development of company best practices, securing new solutions, vendors and pricing. Hill is available to assist system members with technical concerns through the company's Sharetec program which allows system members to communicate with Corporate headquarters as well as with each other.

Hill has been in the IT industry since 1997. His experience and expertise include doing custom PC builds, IT/Network support technician and IT management in 2003. Hill served as Senior Engineer for Expetec of Aberdeen. He has experience with everything from NT4.0 to Server 2012, SCO Unix, Linux, all desktop operating systems starting with Windows 3.1 through Windows 8 as well as networking experience with Cisco, Fortinet, and WatchGuard.

Expetec of Aberdeen Owner/Board Member: Steve Hogg

Steve Hogg is a co-owner of Expetec of Aberdeen. As Vice President of Franchise sales he helped grow the system from 2005 – 2009.  In addition he helped build many of the systems in use today.   Mr. Hogg began his career in the food service distribution industry in 1991.  He currently serves as VP of Sales for Cash Wa Distributing in Aberdeen, SD.

Director of Media and Graphic Design: Eleni Aman

Eleni Aman is the Director of Media and Graphic Design at Expetec Corporation. She graduated from Northern State University in December of 2016 with a B.A. in Art with a specialization in Graphic Design. She joined the Expetec family in January of 2016. Her responsibilities include designing a variety of creative projects such as, advertisements, branding, corporate identity, direct mail, email marketing campaigns, packaging, presentations, promotional displays, social media marketing, signage, and web development.