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As an independent IT provider in this very competitive technology environment, you don't have to "GO IT" alone. Expetec (pronounced X.PA.TEC) Technology Services, Inc. is here to share with you how to maximize business efficiencies, save precious time, provide you with better pricing on products and services as well as provide marketing, sales and operational assistance. We know that is a powerful testament, however the Expetec team has been doing that for its members since 1996.

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You no longer need to struggle with your business. By joining Expetec's Partner Member Program you can reclaim your life AND enjoy being a business owner once again. Perfect, don't you think?

So if you are like so many people who dream of running their own business but feel they may lack the necessary resources, allow Expetec's team to share the details of how this can happen for you by clicking on our contact us form. It may be the best business decision you have made.

Right now is the time to take a deeper dive into Expetec. Contact us and a real person who wants to support you and your business right here in America will give you a call. Let's visit about how "you can be in business for yourself, but not by yourself".

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The Advantages of Expetec's Partner Member Program
  •  No long term commitment
  •  Cost effective
  •  Co-branding with industry leader
  •  Partnering with company in business since 1996
  •  Savings on products and services
  •  System-wide operating platform
  • Access to Expetec's operational superiority/brand portal
  • Marketing and sales programs and support
  • Assistance with business development/growth
  • Sharetec: system-wide tech support
  • Tier I, II and III remote support services program
  • Web development program - SEC